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Microsoft Earn

Microsoft Earn rewarded customers for shopping at select retailers and dining at local restaurants. Earn credits could be redeemed in the Microsoft Store.

I designed the logo, branding, website, and emails for the program. The program grew rapidly and engagement remained high due to high-converting recruitment emails, a compelling monthly newsletter, and a popular referral program.

The program delivered valuable learnings about what persuaded customers and what makes a loyalty program enticing.

Logo design

The logo combines a credit card shape and a gift box – two concepts central to the program. Blue was chosen to emphasize trust.

Screenshot of the Recent documents section on

Persuasive email

A strong value prop, third-party brand recognition, and compelling visuals and copy recruited many members into the program.

Enroll for free and get rewarded.

Homepage with a story

A simple carousel with compelling copy and imagery told the program's story and converted visitors to members.

Slide 1: Pick up groceries. Earn credits.
Slide 2: Dinner with a friend. Earn credits.
Slide 3: Earn credits to get rewarded.
Slide 4: And get the technology you love.
Slide 5: Introducing Microsoft Earn.

Authenticated landing page

Once users enrolled and signed in, they could find places to Earn, learn how to spend their balance, see their transactions, and refer friends.

Authenticated landing page with places to Earn including National brands and local restaurants.
Refer and Earn page

Compelling monthly newsletter

Newsletters like this one kept interest in the program high and had very high open and click-through rates.

Microsoft Earn newsletter

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Microsoft Earn - Enroll for free and get rewarded.

Microsoft Earn

Beta loyalty program that grew rapidly with high engagement.